Gift card used 11 days after purchase/confirmation

I already have a Gameflip support ticket open/pending on this and a police report filed with my local police department. I purchased a $1000 gift card here on 2/3 and confirmed the balance was there, so I verified and confirmed the purchase that day. On February 14th, someone else (that I do not know) spent around ~420 on the gift card, leaving around $580 on the card. Luckily, I called the company the gift card was used for (American Airlines) and they gave me the name of the person that bought it. I also contacted Gameflip support on Facebook messenger. I’m hoping to resolve this. Thank you in advance for the help.

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I think there’s little thing can be done about this. Even you know that person’s name, address, etc. it can be spoofed or impersonated. That’s what the detective told me when I buying things online and got scammed. Luckily, the guy panicked and refunded my money back after I file multiple reports.

There’s another incident on another site that a seller lost more than $50k of btc when trading online. The investigation has been going on for years and there’s still no result.

You can use This to submit a ticket to gameflip and they can investigate it.

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I’ve already submitted a ticket. I found out the persons name because I called the airline to find out who used the gift card. I find it hard to believe (although possible) that someone would fake a name to buy an airline ticket

Hello, the team will check the ticket asap. But avoid purchasing such gift cards, they are target of fraud and the buyers end with such issues. Instead of purchasing them, report them so we can take those listings down.

Thank you.

Thanks! Now I know to look out for it :slight_smile:

What frustrates me is that shouldn’t gameflip check for high value gift cards and not allow them to be sold in the first place? eBay does this as do a few other gift card resellers. I have a police report along with a credit card fraud report filed. Support case is going, but I hope they understand the severity of this issue.

Don’t file a report with your credit card issuer. If they chargeback the money you paid for this gift card, your account may get suspended on Gameflip.

Just go through the normal process with GF support team and they will handle it for you.

Chargebacks are the last resort, not the first one. You will cause problems for GF if you do this, hence why they will suspend your account immediately as per their terms.

I’ll see if support responds today. Hopefully they don’t keep asking for a screenshot of an error message because I don’t have one and I explained why…

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Can you send me your invite code so I can provide further help if the support team doesn’t answer you back?


If you just search around the forums for like 10-15 minutes you will become a basic user this title will give you the power to PM people.

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PM sent. Thanks!

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