I bought an American Airlines ($300) Gift card a month ago through a seller on Gameflip. Today, I received an email from American Airlines informing me my Gift card is not valid. I find this really frustrating as I can not reach out to the seller due to being deleted and want a refund ASAP! I have ordered my flight after the purchase of my gift card, to find out the gift card is not valid two weeks before my flight. Lastly, I have reached out to American Airlines to find out the gift card was fraud and purchased with a fraudulent credit card. Result, I was scammed and there is no way to process the fraudulent case on GameFlip. I have uploaded proof within the ticket itself.


My code: 17J5ZA


Being the seller used a stole card and American Airlines revoked your gift card I ā€œthinkā€ you would get a refund.

Make sure to send Gameflip all the evidence you have and make sure to show gameflip that the gift card was bought with a stolen credit card / the gift card being fraud.

If gameflip does give you a refund being how you bought the card it would get your money back immediately or it could take up to 10 days after gameflip issues the refund.
Banks handle refunds times differently.

Depending on the payment method you use, it could take up to 7 days to process your refund.

ā€¢ If you used a credit/debit card, the charge will go back to your card
ā€¢ If you used PayPal, Alipay, or WeChatPay, the fund will go back to your respective account
ā€¢ If you used Cash from your Gameflip Cash Balance (Sale Proceeds or Add Funds), it will go back to your Cash Balance immediately
ā€¢If you used Credits from your Gameflip Credits Balance, it will go back to your Credits Balance immediately

Once @DunnBiscuit gets on you will get a better answer.

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Thank you for providing me all the information! I will be patient and wait for the ticket to process and if I encounter any other questions/problems, I will make sure to reach out to you.

I saw these sales, good I didnt buy any of them

Hello, after further checking your case i could refund you.



Thank you for the quick response and help on the incident :slight_smile:


Who was the seller? Just for curiousness

ā€œSeller account is no longer availableā€, but the seller name is Gregory De Simone

FYI though. I purchased another American Airlines gift card from a seller last week and can possibly happen again. I hope this is not the case again, but I will find out from American Airlines if the code I purchased from William Kay was purchased with a fraudulent credit card. I will keep everyone posted if that is the case.

mate. it is obviously that the gift card might be fraudulentā€¦ the gift card is in half priceā€¦ that is hard to believe

It is possible and done with the purchases from airlines after my last purchaseā€¦

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