Got scammed by false claim of buyer then got suspended

Admins on this page (Dunn_Biscuit) does not care about the feedback ratings, I was selling working codes and never had any negative feedback from buyers with higher feedback ratings. Then comes this new user filing a false claim that the code is not working. I created a ticket and provided all the screenshots to prove that those codes were working.

Now after disputing their decision they perma ban me for - Fraudulent claims: Filing a charge back after receiving a purchased item. The only problem is I never purchase anything I only sell item.

I know that they have backlogs since its obvious that they are understaffed. But its not a valid excuse to just rush to close a ticket without properly reviewing the case. You should be able to back up your responses.


We care about evidence, if you have any that supports your claim we will be able to help you further.

Regarding the permanent ban you said, can you contact me via PM so I can check your account for you?

Sent you my response via PM.

This exact same thing happened to me, I sent the item on rocket league and recorded it but he accused me of not delivering it and I got banned.

excuse me ? you care about evidence ? i have sent u evidence u guys probably never even viewed them since u dont replay to me

Hello Marcmmahusay,

After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s):

Fraudulent claims: Filing a chargeback after receiving a purchased item
Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity
The suspension is permanent and the case is closed.

Gameflip Help

  • My response
    You said you care about evidence but you do not provide any evidence that my account is involved in suspicious or fraudulent activity. I can provide you the invoice receipt of all the fortnite account that I purchased and got the code that I’m selling.

Fraudulent claims: Filing a chargeback after receiving a purchased item. How can I file a charge back if I never purchase anything?

Selling fortinite accounts within Gameflip is considered a fraudulent behaviour since it is forbidden to sell any kind of accounts within the marketplace.

Also I checked that your account has registered cards that were reported stolen.

Due to all that said, I can’t provide you further help.

The suspension won’t be lifted.

Did you even check the order number of the original ticket?
I was selling the Friend codes I got in from my fortnite accounts I’m not selling the account itself.

I know you have lots of things to do that is why I’m giving all the details but you keep on rushing your job thats why you cant get this right.

Also I checked that your account has registered cards that were reported stolen.
Which cards are those? Can you give me the last 4 digits? FYI I don’t use credit cards I always use paypal. Or is this the same with your first claim that you got a chargeback after receiving a purchased item? Would you clarify that issue pls

For more information about these cards you will need to contact our support team and wait for their answer.

Thank you.