Hello Guys i need help!

Hey guys can any admin or mod discuss with me about the ban i got, it was only because i accept a someone’s order by mistake i thought it was another’s one order, anyone could do such a mistake… do i really deserve a perm ban for this? so i want my account back because i got so many orders on it, and i’ll pay more attention next time My invite code is F8A8FV

One doesn’t get a ban either permanent or a temporary one lightly.
The event is investigated and then the outcome is produced
You really must have done something which would go against the TOC that you would get a permanent ban.

Perhaps a mod would reply here or advice/guide you what to do next.
Consider this an early lesson if things do not go in your favor.

Create a ticket here

Hi Oskar, we already told you that is not possible to remove your suspension. You were marking items as delivered while not delivering them.

But its not a big problem…i said i did that by mistake and i wont do it again and you guys dont wanna give me one more chance?

They already said it “not possible to remove your suspension”

Yeah…i really don’t like it They banned me and i have my money in this account its really shame i hate this

I understand but you put money on to there site and broke the ToS, now you want them to reimburse you?

“Gameflip maintains a safe and quality mobile shopping environment for our community members. Therefore, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently ban an account if it is proven that the user has violated our Terms or Service or Code of Conduct.”

“By creating an account, you agree to both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.”

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and i think they wont unban me…i give up…