Help a error is not letting me use the discount codes

as mention on subject, my last 7 purchases made I put different working discount codes that where available including this friday twitter%10 code and 6 %25 random codes given on the forum, I was made believe each transaction was discounted $5 each, for my disbelief, some mins ago I check my bank account and the numbers where odds since there was a $35 difference less than what I was suppose to have and decided to check on the transaction on gameflip, when I check the last u of them, none had their discount codes, discounted, I felt cheated ans started another transaction to see what was goinf and saw and error which I believed was from google pay, and result that is the cause of this, I realize it because i always put the code first and the discount appear, then I pay on google pay and the discount still appear but and error occur which will provided in pic below, making believed in the past that it is a google pay error, but then I try again and instead of using discount code, I first submit google pay method first and when I try to put the code the same error appears… all this time making believe I was using those codes…, I do wish in some way or form gameflip able to fix my account error code on the discount area and honor those 7 transaction which when purchased led me to believe I was using the codes

Photo of error and transactions below:

I believe the ticket I made is 584841 just for reference when support is available, any mod that can help to speed at least for support to check my account and try (hopefully) to fix this error that it not letting me use codes or if u use them before submitting payment method, it give u a false sense that ur using them

Hi, I have the same problem with Google Pay, maybe it’s a general bug

For the discount code I strongly suggest to use Gameflip Wallet because there is an easier control of the funds.

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Will do in future purchase to see if it works as a work around, still that does not change the fact it mislead me that the codes that appeared applied on each transaction where been not really applied at all when paying the item.

Same issue here. I contacted Gameflip support regarding it a few days ago.

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