Help With Payment Verifcation Code (Im New To This)

So I bought a CS:GO skin two days ago and then was told that my order was “Under Review”. I was emailed saying that I needed a 4-character code. I did what they asked and got the code. Now what? Where do I enter it so that I can complete my order? Thanks in advance.

If it was an email sent from Support, then all you’ll have to to is email them back with the code. If it was the automated email with the link, you’ll have to click that link in which you’ll be taken to the verification page and input the 4-character code.

Its either in your online banking profile under activity/transactions, or if you bought with paypal, its in activity.

Im aslo waiting for a CSGO knife I purchased and it still says Under Review after 7 hours… What do I do?

@Drawable_Me If we haven’t already reached out to you, you should expect an email shortly to help verify.