Hide offers from spammer sellers

Dear Gameflip developers, is there any way to hide the offers of spammer sellers or just those sellers who work very slowly. For example, I wanted to purchase 16 Frost Dragons from the seller, I bought them and he canceled 12 of them, since he only had 4 Frost Dragons in stock. I was extremely unhappy with this and asked him to cancel all transactions. After that, he still behaved extremely rudely and insulted me. For that, he spammed the search page with offers. There are many such sellers and I think buyers do not want to always see spam offers from these sellers. Reports on such sellers do not work, since their actions allegedly do not go beyond the rules of the site.


good point! as a seller, i only spam what i currently have to faster delivery or only what i can get within 1, 2 or 3 days timeframe. the most common reason to delivery be late is when buyer is inactive and im really needing buyer to quickly coperate in a in-game item sale

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You can sort by Seller with Highest Rating, but that depends on buyers to rate sellers negatively (if they’re truly bad).

I know about sorting by rating, but with this sorting, I don’t even see what I’m looking for on the page. And when sorting by recommended, I see rubbish from spammer sellers with whom it is impossible to work.