How absurd is it that GameFlip suspends a non-botting account, without any verification or proof, but ONLY because someone on twitter said so! On top of that the accuser is a BOTTER HIMSELF!

I spent hours on this just to clear my name and “help” gameflip admins do work that they are supposed to be doing! The report is pretty lengthy but it shows everything in detail!


I’ve had to create a forum account just to answer you because it sounds fishy to me.

I don’t know you and I don’t want to judge you, I don’t know if you’re guilty or not and I don’t want to defend this NoEx guy either BUT your steam friend theory doesn’t prove anything, if I follow the same theory as you did in your google docs file, why do you have mutual friends with the botter’s steam account if you don’t know him and don’t have any account connected with him?


Im not even going to answer your bullshit twisted story, i know who you are. I dont even have to explain whats wrong with your theory, but even so, i wish Gameflip wold ban all of those accs that were buying Flash Deals in a row, which are obvious botters, and are all your accounts. Im gonna expose all of yor accounts for falsely accusing me of botting so yo could continue to bot. good luck and f off.

This is the main account of the botter with 3 gameflip accounts that were buying p all Flash Deals.

This Chaise person who replied above, pretending to be some random guy, is the botter who accused me of botting, he also added me on steam, telling me that it’s all his “friends”.

This is the main steam acc. He doesnt use Gameflip on this steam account. But he is friends with all the botting accounts and he also used same name on of of his botting accounts.

SteamRep with his steam ID

One of the GameFLip botter accounts who bought 16 FLASH Deals, most of them BACK TO BACK, has used the same name spelled EXACTLY THE SAME with a Λ (Lambda) Greek letter.

Guess why this account is private?

It’s private because it’s my alt, I am trading a lot since several years now, just look at my profile.

I tried to discuss with you and even invited you to join us on our Teamspeak, but it seems that you’re actually just a botter mad to be banned and now trying to get legit friends banned.

Now I’ll stop wasting my time with you, and let the admins decide, I’m not even using Gameflip myself, I just signed in with my FB to answer you and thank them, they are doing a pretty good job.

Peace :heart:

This guy here is seriously retarded and need to see a doctor asap.

I never added you on Steam, don’t you see that rAthus is trolling you?

@admins, please lock this post, nothing more to say, he’s trying to defend his case when there is nothing left to defend, pathetic.

The guy talked to me again during the night:

So by saying “you and your fiend” he acknowledges that we are not a single person and therefore that his previous arguments are invalid, I love how he busted himself.

Peace :heart:

First of all, i didnt “talk” to you, i replied to your post made on gameflip forum, so dont make it look like i am trying to talk to you, i quit talking to you the first time you ADDED ME on steam to talk to ME, after i stopped responding to your steam messages, and you can see that on your own screenshot with steam chat where i ignored your request to go to TS.

It really surprises me how you got into coding with so very little intelligence.

So your friend Chaise, who you acknowledged to be your friend, first made a post here as if he was some random guy who didnt know anybody.

Looks like hes your friend after all - he LIED.

How would anyone besides me know if my account on Gameflip is unbanned, it means your friend can hack the website.

On your first screenshot you acknowledge that you are all friends. And all of you have Gameflip accounts, from which you bought A LOT of FlashDeals, back to back, which is impossible unless you are botting, because ive been following Flash Deals for months and i know that its impossible to get one by just refreshing the webpage.

One of your TS rooms is called CODING. So you are obviously a coder, which makes it easier for you to make a bot.

Your email address also says, “gameflipadd”. Which suggests that you are probably SELLING your gameflip bot to other people for money

Your steam account has 6 friends with TRADE BANS on different trading websites.

OK my friend I’m busted, you are smarter than I thought.

NoEx is my friend, he is a big hacker and has hacked Gameflip, that’s how he knows you are still banned.

You were very watchfull and saw our “Coding” channel on our Teamspeak, and as you can guess, that’s where we have been coding not one bot but two hundred sixty nine bots, running 24/7 on Gameflip, stealing items we then sell to our friends or use for scam purpose on our gambling website, making about $1.5k a week.

Nice job Sherlock

OMG @Boi_Mann can’t you see it??

He’s trolling you, don’t you know "" is the root email of the forum system?

That means that rAthus is actually an admin, or even the owner of Gameflip, that’s probably how he manages to get so many items and isn’t banned!!!

Look at his Steam profile, he has well known traders in his friends like iBuyPower himself or NEWMEX! There are even traces of conversations between him and cAre who is also french and owns various websites arounds CSGO that were into many obscure moves and scam accusations.

Seems like you’re messing with the wrong guy here, him and his friends are actually running this place, this explains why you were so quiclky banned and they are not, and why no action is taken on this topic. Feels bad man.