How do I contact support though live messages?

I talked to support earlier via live chat but can’t figure out how I did it

I bought two 500 USD Amazon gift cards and the seller hasn’t released them yet

Profile said instant release

u need to read the Delivery method not post name instant, as if it auto deliver it’s will be instant if it 1 day then 24h or 2 day 48h or 3 days 72h as it’s the max

That’s really misleading.

The seller said on his profile within ten minutes of receiving a messaged he’d respond.

I sent him two messages almost four hours ago

sometime it’s pop up once u u go to Purchases and sometimes it’s don’t as there not available and they can’t do anything for u for this to let’s u know all they will tell u is to wait the deliver period if u didn’t receive it by then then u can contact them to cancel the order as u should have commented asking if his available to deliver as mostly the seller is sleep or something

as right now even if seller said deliver in 10min do’t matter as deliver method is written there go check it to see if it 1 day u will got the keys with that time

Please ONLY buy from listings that quote ‘Auto Delivery’. That way, you get it ASAP. Those who sell 500 usually don’t put as ‘Auto Delivery’

I would be careful if people only sold $500 giftcards and on big discounts. Look at their reviews as well before purchasing.

Example -

I wouldn’t buy from him based on his reviews and the amounts he sell (With such big discounts)

But you can file a ticket here to support - if he tries to scam or something.

Or you can request him to cancel transaction.

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That’s what most big amount giftcard sellers do because they don’t want to do ‘Auto Delivery’ due to a lot of scammers. But most sellers do abide by their own set timings.

But if they don’t reply within the period they promised, then you can request to cancel transaction by sending them a message. If they don’t, then it’s their fault since that is what they promised.

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