How long does a response take

Sorry for sounding impatient but I have an account suspension and provided the proof that they have asked for I’ve yet to get a response closing in on 48 hours.

They will reply as soon as they can. Remember they’re trying to help other peopke issues. Give it little more bit time. There reply can be fast or slow it all depends on the issue and how many emails problem they have to fix with other before replying to you. The reply time can be effected by alot of things.

Lucy :heart:

I wait 10 days already. Out of patience.

Wow 10 days I hope not that long for me, one buyer makes one accusation out of the 60 that I’ve had and I’m suspended, I’m even willing to issue a full refund and add funds in my account if they cannot cover to have this situation done and over with and just take much more precaution next time.

Just really was finessed by this fool who redeemed my gift card

His case is way complicated and is taking longer indeed.

If your case isn’t answered in 48 hours, PM me with the ticket number so I can help you further.


Hello I had my account lock because I had put the wrong information to add funds into my wallet and I say what I did and tried to put the right information on their buy it instantly account lock me can you help me my code is K4MMLZ

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Hi same here been waiting