Scammers - how long does it take to get refund?

Unfortunately, I bought a gift card from a scammer. The code did not work and was not even the right amount of letters/numbers for an amazon gift card. The order is now on hold and I have sent a message to gameflip. It has been on hold for a few days now. I am new to gameflip so I am just wondering how long it usually takes to get a refund when you receive a fake code from a scammer? I would like to buy other gift cards that are available, however, I have limited money available in my account with money on hold from not only selling but now from buying from a scammer. Also, does anyone know how many good sales you have to have or how long you have to be a member here before you start getting your money faster? I know they just started this (and obviously for good reason with all the scammers), but I am wondering how much longer I am going to have to wait for 3 days to get money from selling items. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing your experience. We are currently facing delays on the customer support side, but your case should be taken care soon.

Rest assured that we will always take and investigate any and every case of dispute that is submitted by our users.

Hope you understand.

How many days are you backed up? Just curious how long the wait is.

same thing just happend to me! can you tell me how long it took?