How protected am I if someone decides to send a brick in a shipment?

So I see a cheap $50 PS3 from a 0 feedback very questionable seller. I fear I will be sent a brick in the mail or something that appears to be legit but is actually not. How protected am I if the guy is a scammer.


Please, when you receive tha package, take pictures of it, also take pictures of you opening the package and from the content too.

If it is a brick or something like that, open a ticket request to our support and send the pictures. They will be able to check the issue and refund you then.


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Video of the unboxing also works too.

This listing looks sketchy. I’d suggest asking for more info before purchasing.

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Like @TheFuBar said, take a video from start to finish.

Here’s what I do: If I purchase a high value item or a deal that is too good to be true and things seem suspicious, I set up my camera and then as soon as I receive the package, I record the entire package showing that it hasn’t been tampered with or opened. Then, I open the package to show what is inside. Make sure you are:

  • recording in a well-lit setting
  • camera is focused and everything is in frame

I’ve actually made a forum posting about this exact thing. Always record when you think something is fishy. Or buying an expensive item just record it. And after if it’s all good your all set. And can delete it. But if there is an issue then contact support right away. When it comes to game discs make sure you show the back side and is in the condition you bought it in. Fair, good. Like new, new and sealed. If sealed then just show it’s sealed.