How to handle a scammer?

What do I do to get refunded for an item that was never delivered to me? This guy confirmed delivery that he’d delivered the item to me. I messaged him immediately and be just acted like he’d given me the item as according to plan. There’s no way for me to prove that the item wasn’t given to me, but he refuses to give me his gamertag or email the so called video he took of the transaction. I contacted support, and disputed the transaction. But if he acts like I got the item does he have to show proof of thatm

You disputed the transaction already so just wait for support to finish their investigation. The burden of proof should be on the deliverer, so the seller would have to show to customer support the screenshot/video of you receiving the item.

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He sent pictures me of his tv with him and someone else trading the Item I purchased. They are so out of focus that you can’t even see the gamertags.