How to rekt scammers - Community Guide #1

This one is hilarious keep up the good work!

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Make sense…..

This is true it happens on my listings a lot.

Does any one know how I can contact gameflip I got scammed for 50 bucks

Hello @Jack_Frost,

You can feel free to contact the support team using the link below.

God Speed! :trident:

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Follow @DarkKnight’s advice. :slight_smile:

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Nice :slight_smile: hahaha

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Is there a way to report someone that sold me an account that got banned in game?

Hello @Annon_w,

I have already answered you regarding this case in the following topic:

Please provide me the requested information so I can verify your case ok.

God Speed! :trident:

Why are you buying other people’s accounts at all? After all, it’s better to create your own, which you will have. And so you buy a pig in a poke. The former owner, after all, will be able to change the password - and that’s it, your money is gone.

Very good for beginners and I enjoyed reading it!