I bought pirated gift cards

I recently purchased a $120 Netflix card and after my purchase, I noticed that the seller of this card had simply hacked into it.
I know that the price was attractive but I decided to test it anyway.
After carefully reading the terms and conditions of sale on gameflip I noticed that the seller’s account was performing prohibited actions. Indeed, you can see on the page prohibited things:

Items you don’t have the right to sell
The listing or sale of items that you don’t have the right to sell is, of course, prohibited. With respect to any item(s) that you are listing, you must legally own the item(s) or have the full rights to sell the item(s). You are responsible for verifying what rights you have, and for adhering to all applicable terms and conditions with any third parties.

I would like to request a refund of $41.99 because I do not want to use illegal code on my account.
Here’s the evidence that these are pirated cards:

Name: Religious

Submit a request or open a dispute on the seller.

I believe Netflix code is against the ToS.

Lucy :heart:

I can’t i confirm the transaction :sob:

Still send in a request. Sometime they will still fix the issues.
Just make sure to send in the order number and all your evidencee.

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Ok thanks for your help lucy you really need to be a moderator and not a random girl :wink:

Someone rank shouldn’t matter. All that matter is people want to help people.

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There’s no such thing as a “gift card generator”. All of those things are fake because they gain ad money from you, or they gather information about you then you get nothing, or even plant viruses in your computer when you visit these pages.

If this seller isn’t legit, then he probably purchased these codes using a stolen credit card or something of that sort so the codes are genuine, but not the way he paid for it. He doesn’t want to risk those codes getting cancelled and that’s why he’s asking you to use it right away and complete the purchase so he gets his money.

You made a mistake by showing your codes in public. Sadly I don’t think you’re going to get any refunds :frowning: but good luck with that!

Tip: My suggestion is to not buy from new users, especially if they have low feedback such as this seller.


Please send me the ticket number or your porfile code so I can check it and answer you further.



Hello dun
please can you check the ticket?
almost one week with no solution

thank you

Why you buy pirated gift cards

I didn’t know it was pirated card

Hello i send the request to the support.
Thank you for answering me and here is my profile code: 1NATN9
I also have the suport ticket number: 415304

You have to be more careful no reason to buy pirate cards

Wait your lying you gave that seller a good rating now want your money back

I already said that i didn’t know it was pirated card. I confirm too fast

Before i bought i didn’t know

I answered your ticket, in this particular circumstance I could refund you, please do not purchase such gift cards again, report them instead.

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