Netflix Gift Cards Used After Purchase/Confirmation


I have recently purchased a bulk of NetFlix Gift Cards from a seller one month ago. At that moment of time, I checked the amount and verified each one and completed the transaction.

However, upon attempting to redeem one the other day, I noticed that three of the six Netflix Gift Cards (each worth $19.18) that I previously purchased had been redeemed by unauthorized users.

I had this a similar issue within a previous order with the seller, and had disputed that transaction. (The listed Netflix Gift Card was already used but was being sold as not redeemed.)

Is there anyway to get reimbursed for these transactions? Or at least have the seller provide me the correct Gift Cards (that have no other individuals)? I have contacted the support team and am aware that I had complete the transaction (a month ago, where the gift card was unused and the amount intact).

Code: KTQ1YD

I dont know how the sellers make profit out of these cards. Ive seen 60 netflix card for 10$. They all are scam

At the time, they all worked fine. However when I needed to use one, that’s when I noticed that perhaps they could’ve been resold as those gift cards pretty much flood the market.

Those cards come from netflix employees and rhat employees sell 1 code to 10 sellers. Thats why

You must send a ticket to the support team explaining what happened and with proof that sustain your claim.

With that information, I’m sure the support team will help you further.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply DunnBiscuit. I had sent a ticket to the support team; however, they are unable to help as I had completed those transactions. I accept that I did complete the transactions as I was able to verify the amounts at that time (one month ago), however, it seems as though I have been scammed from the seller.

As the support team said you must provide information that you can prove your claim, I’m sure they will help you further.

Follow their instructions and PM me if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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