i can use help of gameflip support ADMIN as no one is helpful trow email

today i just got my account ban and this the massage i did receive :

" We have detected the following activity on your account that are in violation of our Terms of Service:

Your SUBDIVISION INFINITY DX code listing has been removed. Selling promotional/beta codes is forbidden on Gameflip. "

  • BUT that game is not promotional/beta its post for the full game as u can verify it just by cheeking the post as its don’t state its promotional/beta and just by enter xbox site and writing the game name u will notice its full game as this game have already been released so its don’t have promotional/beta keys to be sold.
    pulse as u can go trow my full store listing we only have full games as we never try to sell promotional/beta.
    'u can check my account EMAIL : baaziz0yassine@gmail.com

Replied you in your another post i wish i could help you. :confused:

write your trouble to mods .if you are right i am sure they ll help you .they fixed all of my troubles .maybe it ll be slow .be patience

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how do i write to them as i didn’t make any mistake and the post they say i was banned for wasn’t bata key and didn’t state its was bata so its was full game

Hello baaziz0yassine!

I am verifying your issue and will be back to you ASAP.

God Speed! :trident:

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thanks i really procheat it it as u may see if u did check i was banned bc they said one of my game is bata key witch wasn’t as its was full game

Hello baaziz0yassine!

I have verified your issue and what happened was the developer of the game contacted Gameflip and advised us to remove any SUBDIVISION INFINITY DX codes that were being sold. The reason the developer requested this is because the codes were for promotional purposes only and not authorized for commercialization.

Unfortunately, the suspension will be maintained.

God Speed! :trident:

that will be impossible as our keys are provided by xbox and they gave full game as the game did release mouth ago and i can contact xbox and they will conform to u its full game and not bata as they are commercialization keys as we do buy them from xbox stores directly.

as there is direct link from xbox store where we order out keys.
so how can we be selling promotional keys