I finalized a few trades before uploading photos, can I still upload them somehow?

I thought I could still add photos after the trade was finalized. But apparently not, so I have 3 RL trades with no photos.

The trades went fine, and we both rated each other fine, so I don’t expect any problems, but I do have the pics if I can still upload them somehow.

On this note, I would like to suggest an improvement here, that being, allow pics to be added even after the trade has finalized. This way both ratings can be done while both parties are still online, in case some are leaving quickly, as was the case here.

Now that I think about it, I’m actually not sure at what point the ability to add pics is removed. Is it after the goods are marked delivered, or is it only after you rate the buyer? These trades went pretty fast and I’m very new, so I didn’t notice all the details.

You can only alter pictures when your listing is on sale. Meaning that you are able to edit your listing and change the pictures.

After the sale starts, the listing can be altered for obivious reasons.