I got scammed recently

By the user who posted fake comment pretending it came from gameflip.
Haven’t been listing for a long time, didn’t even expect they don’t ban these kind of comments.

Still no reply from gameflip after 5+ business days.

That guy has already been banned.

Yeah, I see but what about my money though

The warning is even in your screenshot. If you got scammed it isn’t Gameflip’s fault.

I was in hurry, you know, saw the message and reacted. Thanks to gameflip and their algorithms for allowing these subhuman, bum tricks to happen. It’s not the last time, I see that people get scammed here continuously… Pathetic what people will do for 3 bucks.

If someone call or email you saying they’re from your bank, and that you won their giveaway prize, but you need to send them some money to cover the cost of delivery.

Would you at least confirm with the bank that it’s real first? Or would you be in a hurry and just send them your money?

In this case, all you had to do is check if your listing actually sold in the app or website (it takes a couple seconds) and see what the app says about delivery before actually delivering the item.

It wasn’t an email, neither call from my bank. The comment was on THE OFFICIAL GAMEFLIP SITE. Have you seen a fake message on an official bank site? Man, I know you try, but it doesn’t make sense.

Well, the screenshot clearly shows who wrote the comment! So, instead of the bank example, perhaps the Nigerian prince ask you for money in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or call you directly? Are we all reliant on “algorithms” now instead of common sense?

It wasn’t Nigerian prince, real Prince, Michael Jackson neither, man just stop

What do you propose so new users don’t get scammed by this?

“Caution: Comments are written by the marketplace users. Gameflip will never write comments on listings.”

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