I haven't got my money back in my bank


I purchased a skull trooper skin and the seller cancelled the order. The full purchase price has been credited back to my account, but it’s been 10 days I haven’t got the money in my bank account? Could you guys please tell me how many more days will it take to be available in my account?

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What was the payment method you used? If you used the money from “Add Funds”, those stay in your Gameflip account.

I understand that funds added to my wallet can only be used for purchases and cannot be withdrawn, refunded, or paid out.

If it was PayPal or credit card for example then 10 days should be more than enough if the refund was authorized. You should post your invite code so the moderators can identify and help you.

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The money is available in my account, so theres no way i can transfer my money to bank or paypal?

Hello, can you send me your invite code so i can check you aaccount and provide you with more information?