I'm being harassed by the other sellers.

Hello. I’ve been selling items and keys in xbox rocket league for almost 2 weeks. My prices are more cheaper than other sellers. And this situation is pisses them off. They send a threatening message every day to me. And now they created fake accounts on rocket league garage and they sharing fake posts about me. They are always listing items after than me. They waiting me to share something in gameflip then they are spamming through me. One of the who threating me is wonderbar . https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:1a5df6aa-2980-44b4-a158-c0eae366fe18/wonderbar-online-

I really don’t know what should I do right now. Please help me.

I didn’t say anybody to help me with trade stuff. He is lying about that.

@falm that indeed is some shitty behavior gather more proof and post it here i’m sure admins will look into it.

They mostly sent message from discord. But after sending messages, they erased them immediately. I only know 2 of them. One is discord name: Whitey#5106 , And other one is: Owi#8988

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