Im confused here?

Hey dun biscut you said this "Hello, don’t make me suspend your account here Since I suspended your fisrt one.

Since the account is suspended, no transactions or payouts can be started with it."

Would you be willing to point out exactly were in terms of service that it states that money can not be withdrawn from a suspended account, or it will not be allowed either? Because i have seen it on the BBB where someone got their money out. I have filed a complaint but id like you to explain this one.

I think you will get suspended here. I hope so!
Stop spamming the forums!
@Tali @DunnBiscuit

Maybe if the customer service existed and rules were clear this wouldnt be happening!

Please be careful to not over post for the same thing or they will block you here too.

Well I mean that I have been wrongfully banned without warning and they knew I had funds in my account, my withdrawl going through and they cancel it and then suspend the account, nowhere in the terms and service is that listed and now this is not legal, its about 10% fee not 100% because they are not allowing me to take my legally and rightfully owned money out of the account. Even though its on your website its still my money, thats like saying even thougb my money is in your hand it is still my money.


Gameflip maintains a safe and quality mobile shopping environment for our community members. Therefore, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently ban an account if it is proven that the user has violated our Terms or Service or Code of Conduct.

So if you’re temporarily suspend you will be locked out into they let you back in.

If you’re permanently they dont have to let you back in being you had to break the ToS to get suspend in the first place.

This looks like it was not your first time being suspend too.

No it wasnt because i didnt not realize making a second accound imafter one was banned was not allowed, yes the do reserve the right to permenately suspend an account, but it does not say the have the right to keeo the moneg does it?

Sadly if they do lock your account companies do have the right to not give back the credit you put on it.
They dont have to give it back being it’s on there site and you broken the ToS.

All companies do it
People have lose credit /money they put on gaming systems like xbox/ps because there account got banned. Ps / xbox dont have too to be nice to ppl if they break the ToS.

You will be lucky if they let you back on your account.

Try not over posting and being upset and send them a email and wait

Have a nice day :two_hearts:

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Im just trying to get my money, im not a bad person i Just dont understand why I just cant have my money out and everyone can be happy

Not saying that you did, but there’re scammers here who simply scam and get money out quick to disappear. Suspension without the ability to get the money out (which would be refunded to the victims anyway) is the right thing.

So, if you’re not a scammer and just a mere misunderstanding, then it shouldn’t be a problem with your appeal. Just follow the normal ticket support process.

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No im not a scammer i sold my white octane for $85 and the the money is chillin in my account and I feel like ami gave it away for free, this happened around december 4 and ive been contacting since

Then they should have responded to you the complete reason why your account was suspended. Often, people created multiple accounts and play innocent too :slight_smile:

It seems easy to have 2 accounts, with one looking legit and another to scam and/or chargeback, but people don’t realize simply logging in/out from the same machine will connect both accounts to one person!

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Yes my one account did have to file charge back, its an embarrassing story but all money was given to customers nobody got scammed