Incorrect determination of the value of a thing

Over the last week, it became difficult to determine the cost of the item for sale, I understand the gameflip takes data on the cost of the item from the site, there were several cases when I sold the item at a loss because Suggested Price: incorrectly displayed the price and since I was used to it to trust that gameflip always correctly determines the value of a thing using then I put up for sale indicating the percentage under which I want to sell a thing

but due to the fact that the gameflip at some point incorrectly updated its data on the value of the item, the item that I exhibited under 10% is already sold for example under 25%, although initially I need it to be sold at exactly 10%, thereby I often sell things at a loss, please pay attention to this problem.

finally somebody raises this issue rfrf

I think that this is because the gameflip takes data on the price of the item looking at the price for the sale in steam at a certain point in time, but this sale could be both at a low price and at a high price, I believe that problems with determining the price would not be if the data on the price of the object gameflip updated based on the average cost of selling the item in the incentive for the week, and not as now, the price is simply formed by the one who sells the item for the lowest price in steam.

Here is a vivid example of an incorrect price determination by the trading platform gameflip

but what is the price really - Suggested Price: $ 14.25

I think that the price was not correctly determined because the gameflip for some reason took the price for the cheapest sold item

now the most important thing I want to say is that because the gameflip incorrectly determines the price of some items, it becomes difficult to determine the real value of the item and you have to double-check every item and it takes a long time, I sell a lot of things and it takes me a long time to double-check cost twice, representatives of the gameflip please pay attention to this problem.

I had this issue with a knife maybe a month ago. It valued a ★ M9 Bayonet | Boreal Forest (Field-Tested) at under $2 for a week or so.

It’s usually less drastic, but there’s still huge price swings that makes posting by % off a huge risk when prices can change 35% or more in a day.

Hey guys, this issue was raised already and we are already investigating it. We are trying to solve this as fast as possible, but we don’t have any estimate on that yet.

I’ll let you know whenever we have any news.

Thanks though for bring this up again.

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