is it possible to detect alternate accounts when a complaint if files

this guy keeps on spaming me and i want to prove that im not the one spamminng him

Hi Mad High, i am not a tech support for gameflip just a normal buyer and seller on the platform. I come here to help as best as i can while the Admins are away for the weekends. Unfortunately i can not answer that question on my own and is best to wait for a support team member to come and answer the question for you.
In my opinion you personally cant detect it as you cant gain access to their accounts, but they have access to see what Numbers and emails etc that they use to see if its 1 person using multiple accounts. They will take the appropriate action from there. They will be back tomorrow so hopefully they can answer your question and go from there. What i recommend doing is taking a bunch of screenshots of this person harassing you and sending Gameflip Support an email with the screenshots so they can see the harassment. That would be the best action to take at this moment. Hope this helps.
Vincents Gaming.

but if i do will he get banned cuz this inst the first time he spammed my lstings

Hey @Mad_High, sorry to hear about this user harassing you. As Vincent says, please email Support with as much evidence as you have and we can investigate into the user to see if it is indeed an alt, as well as take the appropriate actions.

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i have but its taken 2 day already how long is it going to take

Support is still catching up from the weekend tickets still. Please be patience as we will get to everyone in the order we receive them.