I've been scammed, any way to get my money?

I put up a 50€ gift card for sale, and “H1BugHunter” bought my card. He held it for review saying “I want to cancel the order”, I cancelled it and to verify that I haven’t gotten scammed and sure enough the code has already been redeemed. So this guy has gotten away with getting the code for himself by holding the transaction on review while having the code sent. Is there a way to have my money that I asked for? I sold it for 45$ (about 36€ and the tax was putting it to 40.50$)

followup: apparently he proved that he didn’t redeem it.

Can you send me via PM, your invite code so I can check this issue for you?


Hi DunnBiscuit. I found out the gift card hasn’t been redeemed by the guy and he sent proof that it didnt work by showing his history. I tried to redeem the code myself and sure enough it didnt work. So i dont think it was on him, because he thought i was scamming him, i cancelled the order so everything is dine, sorry for wasting time.

Kind regards,


Hey! No problem, please let me know if you have any other questions or issues.