seller has just scammed me

seller has just scammed me in 44$
he sent me the code I was told to complete the process Quickly

After 1h I switched use it but it has been used before
He will re-redeem the code if you don’t use it immediately … Maybe he sold it on twice

Order: 114bee6f-f39a-4ee5-97ed-fbe573d66c5a

Why don’t you people understand these people sell these gift cards with stolen gift cards.
Why else would he or she want you to redeem immediately.

Common sense.

Is there any hope that my money will return to me ?
He does not answer me

Click on the escalate button and let GF decide, u should win though

I finalize the purchase When he told me to do that immediately :confused:

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Well that’s your fault escalate and let Gf decide they are ur only hope now


That’s a bannable offense. If you haven’t make sure to open a ticket and report the profile. Under no circumstances should he be able to keep the funds.


I have opened A ticket