liliana A cancels my order then blocks me???

Liliana A cancels my order then blocks me 30 minutes after I purchase cards from them. I did not message them or do anything. What is up with this weird and shady behavior on this website? I got a full refund but I don’t get this strange behavior

It is not about the website. It’s about the person. Also sellers cannot ban anyone. Sellers can only block people. Gameflip cannot decide for them who they want to block or sell to. If a Seller just wants to block someone, that’s his/her choice.

I would advise to buy giftcards that are labelled as ‘Auto Delivery’. Record from buying till using the code as proof incase of any scams. If it’s labelled as 1,2 or 3 days delivery time, that kind of situation may happen.

There are all types of people who uses gameflip to buy/sell. There’s no way to explain why he/she did that unless he/she wants to explain it.

I got someone who bought from me and cancelled it 2 times in a row in a day.
No one knows what their thinking.

Maybe they don’t want to sell to new people. I will definitely try to buy Auto Delivery cards from now on. Thank you for the reply.

Speaking of this topic, does anyone know ‘The Dope Man’s Goods’?

I purchased from him, got cancelled and blocked without any reason.