LTB $500 worth of amazon gift cards...without cancellation @.@

Not sure what’s going on but now I have two sellers literally cancelled on me within the past two hours. Thank god USAA processed all those refunds as reversals so I don’t have pending purchases stacking up on my account. I just really need to purchase these parts to complete my rig. So if someone can actually sell them to me, I would really appreciate it.

Hey man, you buying a new PC rig through amazon? I was also going to do the same thing by purchasing some $500 amazon gift cards but I had seen some skeptical stuff recently and in the past about people redeeming the gift cards, and then shortly after they get flagged and or removed from your gift card balance and amazon contacts you claiming they were illegally purchased, or illegitimate gift card codes, and thus I was worried to go through with spending that much on the gift cards now and then to later be contacted by amazon asking for me to pay the amount off again myself or something similar… Let me know if you have used them in the past and had no issues though, cause I’ve been planning to buy them within the next day or two!

I honestly never had issues getting flagged by amazon. I’ve had my account with them for years. Plus I don’t used gift cards all the time, just recently. So far, not gotten flagged or anything. I suggest to buy gift cards from sellers with a good track record to lower the risk.