Message for Dunn!

Hey Dunn,
Its about my thread : I’m suspended, but they don’t reply me the reason
I couldn’t reply you there because thread was locked.
Also I couldnt find PM on your profile,
So I’m writing here.

I know it seems stupid question, but couldn’t find any message button on your profile!
Check here:

Also my invite code is : 3T9R5X
Please check and see if we can activate my account again.
Thank you very much for helping.

Hey Dunn,
Did you check my account situation?
Is this permanent or there is a hope to activate ?
If it’ permanent, may I start again with new account?
Will they accept my documents to verify and pay-out on another account again?

My account is suspended, but my items are selling yet!!
I’m receiving Emails/ Phone Notifications for sales yet!
It this normal?!

Hey Dunn,
Its almost a week and no reply from the Gameflip yet.

My friend have a Gameflip account. Its not used for month.
I’m just curious, may I continue my trades with my friends accounts?
Because its taking too much and I dont get any reply for this.

I mean I just want to know its the account which was banned or it is me too?
May I start my trades with another account while they are deciding about my own account?

Thank you

I just checked your account. It is forbidden to sell or buy items to/from alternate accounts because of that a permanent suspension was placed within you account, thus I can’t help help you further.