Need Details for BBB and IC3 Complaint


You can find them online so I don’t get why you ask here…

edit: btw you won’t get anywhere with these complaints since you singed there tos when making your account and using it, so yeah if you got banned and can’t get your money back it’s your fault not there. Would suggest not wasting your time with it.

They don’t have these details on the site that is why I’m asking. Thanks for your concern I have time to spare for this complaint.

You got banned for selling accounts. Threatening and using all caps won’t help your case of breaking the site’s selling rules. If you use a softer tone and be patient, you might get some sympathy from support, and not just on this site, but any services where you’re talking to people.

Here ya go

The irony is that you are filling in a criminal complaint while gameflip is the one that should report you to IC3 for for credit card fraud like stated in there tos “Listing items that are stolen or counterfeit will be deleted and any accounts associated with these listings could be suspended or banned. Further action, including criminal prosecution, may be taken.”.

Oh and you can say thanks to me for you ban Stolen Fortnite key's.

Ohh are you sure I sell accounts? are you one of the admins here?
Do you see any accounts being listed on my account?
It just bad customer service making false accusations thinking they can get away with this, Nope sorry you can take the $14. I’m going for a bigger compensation and bringing this website down together with you “so called forum guys”. PS dont make it too obvious

Also “so called forum guys” If I really have been involved in this Fraudulent stolen card why did they unsuspend my account the first time it got wrongly banned? Did they intentionally unsuspend the account so they can wait until there are enough funds that they can scam?

Your move kids. :wink:

So if anybody wants to sell the extra codes they have on a competitive price all of them should be called fraud sellers? Hmmmm so nobody on this site is a legit seller then. This is a marketplace after all if you expect users of this site to pay retail prices then why not get them directly from the developers site? If you are so bothered with sellers selling their goods are at a very cheap price dont be nobody is forcing you to buy them.

First of all you can’t have 10+ “extra codes”. 2. If you have got these key’s legally prove it.
Beside that I am 100% that if an admin would check those sale one of your buyers would claimed there key wasn’t working because it was deleted thus proving the key got revoked and stolen.

Anyways As the guy that made a post about the fact that almost alI fortnite key’s are stolen and activly checked and reported the people that sold fortnite key’s (wouldn’t suprise me your account is suspended thanks to my report) I hope your accounts stay banned and gameflip take further actions and take a criminal prosecution.

Imo leave my post about it and other here:

but hey if you want to report yourself to the FBI and waste there time, go ahead and file a IC3 report.

Ok Mr. "Know it All"

If you heard of friends, yeah I have those and I got the extra standard copies from them since all of us have Ultimate edition so yeah. So not anybody can get Ultimate edition but that does not mean all of the accounts with Ultimate edition are from fraud.

Hope you are well paid by gameflip you have responded to this thread that it helps my case for the complaint.

BTW FBI will direct you to IC3 for complaints of this nature.


You haven’t provided any proof whatsoever, you need to proof you owned the credit card/paypal used to purschase it. All account are with ultimate edition are not from fruad ,but as long as you can’t proof this this is the case.

If you you story was the case you already could have unsuspended your account by providing this kind of proof or by contacting Epic games about this dillemma and asking them for proof.

You also weren’t saying that these are friend codes in your listing ,so there is another reason to suspend your account.

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