Need Help ASAP!!

Hello! I purchased something but it got on hold. Is it possible if you can fix this issue? Thanks!
Profile code 1JGQDE
Order Id 85e9b26a-d80e-40eb-ad98-a7ededc3be09 @MajorTom @DarkKnight
Thanks so much!

posting here won’t speed things up, they will either release the hold when they get to it, or they will email you and ask for additional verification, its usually a screenshot from your bank statement or from whatever payment method you used, they could also ask for a code that shows up on your bank statement if you paid with a bank card, so keep an eye on your email because you will get a message when they either release the hold or ask for additional info


thanks for informing me!

I understand that I can be annoying sometimes if you want your purchase fast, but all you can do is wait, unfortunately :frowning: you can also minimize the risk of getting your purchase on hold by adding verification stuff here: - the more stuff you add, the better, but it’s up to you… its completely safe though, pretty much every user does it (perhaps you have already done so)

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thank you so much for telling me! The purchase went through now! have a good day :slight_smile:

Hello @bang_blurz,

I have answered your PM and I’m glad that your issue is solved :wink:

Thanks @Oscar_Ha, for helping out!

Have an awesome day everyone!

God Speed! :trident:

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