Need help with buying

I new here and I sold something the other day and I’m just waiting for the money to become available can I then use the currency to buy something because when I was checking before it was asking for a credit card but I was hoping I could use the money I got from selling something


Firstly, welcome to Gameflip since you wrote your new.

After you sold and delivered, you complete the transaction. Depending on item and number of ratings and whether your verified, your pending time would be different.

Now to answer your question. Yes, the money you get after the normal fees when selling can be used to buy in anything in gameflip. For example, your item sold for $5. Fee is 10% because you did not buy any subscription. You get $4.50 after pending is finished. You can spend the $4.50 on any $4.50 and below item on Gameflip. I did that when I was new as well. I sold something and spent the money I earned to buy something else on gameflip.

Just a Normal Flipper On Forums :smiley: Have a Good Day.

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Thank you.