New Way To be Scammed, Redeemed Voucher Suddenly Vanish from Balance

I bought $100 Itunes Voucher from Apple Gift Card Hey! Check out Apple gift card’s inventory on Gameflip. It’s awesome! and half of them suddenly disappear.

I only use $50 of the voucher and still have $50 leftover until it disappear suddenly yesterday.
I tried to contact the seller by post him a message in one of his product but it got taken down immediately, and did not get any response.
Then I call Apple support and they told me that the code has been unredeemed by the one issued it before.
So, please keep this in mind when you buy voucher from any buyer, they could unredeemed your voucher.
It would be nice if Gameflip could fix this issue.

Thank you

you have to contact gameflip support with proof of what you are saying, and they will likely refund you if you have enough evidence.

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I still have the record of conversation with the apple support and the purchase history with the seller, do you think it’s good enough?


Support will ask you for more information if needed so don’t worry. Just send a ticket with all the proof and detailed explaination first.

So you meant that you already spent $50? As long you really got scammed and proof is there, you will get refunded. But Idk about this since you already spent $50 , not sure if they would still do a full refund.

You mean giftcard right? It does happen quite often so it’s not really a new scam. The best is to record everything that happened so you can defend yourself.

Thank you for your advice,
I don’t really looking for full refund, if they refund what I lost that should be enough for me.

Btw is it really often to happen?
I mean I’ve been doing a lot of transaction on Gameflip to buy giftcards but never had a problem.
What’s worse I bought it with my regulars seller, now I don’t know if I should keep doing transaction on Gameflip or not