No refund or reply

I recently purchased a large amount of gameflip balance but during the process of verifying my id I was told that the 24 hour period to submit my info expired and that i would be issued a refund. Days since and I have yet to receive my money and submitting a ticket didn’t get me any response. I want to trust the site as I’ve been using it for years now but I feel like I’m just left in the dark at this point.

If you used a credit card it can take up to 3-7 to get a refund after gameflip give you the refund. All banks handle refunds different with how long it takes.

If gameflip told you that they give you a reply you will get it.

Lucy :heart:

It shouldn’t be a bank issue as I am using a visa gift card that has and should always instantly process refunds.

It is a visa card. Not paypal. It would take few days till You get refunded.