Ok seriously this needs to stop


This is getting pretty bad, in two weeks I have lost about 80$ in sales because you guys aren’t reading tickets and just clearly auto-resolving. I went from 0 disputes lost to losing 4 in a two week period after now selling for almost a year. I again lost a ticket where the client admits he didnt read a product description and states he was negligent in doing so even thought there’s this disclaimer:


This is an nvidia code that can be only be redemeed on geforce experience WITH GTX 1070 Ti, 1070, or 1060 card or 1050ti or 1050 installed.
If you don’t have this specific hardware DO NOT BUY! You can’t redeem it on nvidia website. only via geforce experience.
You will get Counterattack bundle code after redeemed on geforce experience. YOU CAN ONLY REDEEM 1 CODE PER GTX CARD THE CODE GETS ATTACHED TO S/N

***** I will not refund people who have purchased this game and then ask for a refund because they don’t have the eligible card. If a code has been seen it is not fair to future customers for me to relist it knowing that someone else might have seen their code and I suspect you as a customer would want that level of courtesy as well. ******

The client THEN BUYS THE CODE admits he’s in the wrong and AGAIN you cancel it while he walks off with a code. I’ve been selling these exact codes for months with this EXACT description and any time it’s gone to arbitration you guys have sided with me. WHAT is going on with you guys lately.

Here’s the other order orders:


I’ve also written in two tickets about guys trolling my shop and giving me 2 negative ratings with proof that A) they’ve spent the money on a gift card after I denied them a refund and then claimed that suddenly they recieved a product with a lowered balance B) didn’t read a product description, contact me. escalate or do anything like they’re supposed to and you guys still haven’t gotten back to me a month later!

I am extremely annoyed by this as I pride myself on giving great customer care and feel like you guys are just sleeping at the wheel now while I’m losing money. This really isn’t on guys.

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I don’t know you but I can totally vouch for the fact that way too many buyers don’t read the product description.
I even put it on my profile description begging for people to please read the description before buying, but just yesterday I got a new profile on gameflip with an already existing account on a game to buy two starter pack codes which the description clearly told that the buyer would have be new to the game.


All the bloody time my friend.

Hello Nobistik!

I just verified your disputes and the reason that the disputes were handed over to the buyer is because the Counter Attack promotion is no longer valid.

So in this case, various users complained because the codes actually did not work.

Q: My coupon does not work. What should I do?
Coupons cannot be redeemed if the bundle promotion has ended or if the code is invalid. Please reach out to your retailer either to check if the bundle promotion has ended or to get a replacement coupon.

If you have any doubts regarding this, please check the links below:

God speed!

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Thanks for reply. I have an additional information and I think a lot of sellers can confirm it.
Yes, as you open this link you can notice next advertisement. It is really true, but this is information about new Nvidia codes.

By another words, this advertisement only for people who want buy VGA now and they want to get Fortnite Bundle. In this case Nvidia have not more Nivida keys for new buyers.
And what about old keys?
Old keys include:

  • Nvidia key which needs to activate in Geforce Expirience with installed GeForce GTX 1060, GeForce GTX 1070, GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or GeForce GTX 1050;
  • Epic game key extracted from Geforce Expirience.
    Old keys have expiration date 18 July 2019 and both of these two type of keys can be redeem till 18 July 2019.
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Dark Knight so this is what I was talking about. You guys aren’t doing your research, here’s a copy and paste from the eligibility section of Nvidia’s website:

“Redemption period ends on July 18, 2019. Please check carefully the description of the product on the Retailers website or in store to confirm that it is part of the promotion”.

They stopped selling the codes in June but you have until July 18th to redeem them. My question now is, are you guys going to pay me since this is admittedly your mistake or are the customers judgements going to be reversed?

Further to this, what about the Starbucks gift cards? Both the customers also admitted they didn’t read the description and got refunded? Or the negative feedback where if you call in you can clearly see the redemptions were made after I sold the cards and refused a refund because the member didn’t like that they were in StoCard instead of the Starbucks app?

Sorry to sound like a broken record it’s just as you can see if have my stuff locked down tight so when I lose 5 disputes in two weeks over stuff that I know I’m right about it kinda speaks volumes.

That being said, this site is still awesome and I love it. I want other users to know that and don’t you guys start brigading on the mods cause thats not going to fly either. This is definitely an instance where these guys are flooded, they work hard, just someones gotta say something.

I have also once more additional information.
Here is a chat with Nvidia support

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Here a link from Nvidia support chat

As everyone takes a look on it - you can notice officia expiration date. You can redeem code both type of codes till this date - 18/07/2019


@DunnBiscuit could you give me some feedback on this?

@DarkKnight or @DunnBiscuit guys?

It’s been 4 days and still no response… One ticket was reversed since writing this for Fortnite but there are still 3 left outstanding.

Let’s see if I’m 3/3 @MajorTom can you help me with this issue please?

Hello Nobistik,

Please, send me a pm with the listings or disputes, and I will further investigate this.

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