Order processing taking to long

I purchased a couple of items from the website and used my card, but they still arn’t confirmed after a day of waiting what do I do?

I already made a support ticket still waiting to get a reply.

We appreciate your patience as we are still going through all of the Under Review transactions from the weekend. Please note, we may require more information from you, so look out for an email requesting this.

Just so you know, purchases like this are due to anomalies from our automated fraud measures that are in place as a extra protection for you.

Great Bur is on the job!
Hey Rami, i also wanted to let you know as Bur stated, there may be something wrong or some fraud looks to be on their system so they place items on hold so they can make sure both buyer and seller are both being protected.
Also I’d like to also note since you may not know. Support only works Mon-Fri. so on the weekend they are not avaliable to answer support questions and etc. So if your item gets on hold or your purchase is taking forever to process and its the weekend you will have to wait until monday for them to go through everything and get to your ticket/ process order hold.
Hope this helps for the future.