Order reversed but no reason

Today , I got 2 email from gameflip about Gameflip Canceled 2 order and reversed money but no reason .

This is 2 order id : 0a73d748-21e1-4459-9778-438b903d9bc1
and 9a2832ed-f95d-4788-9730-4801128866f6

2 order is same buyer , Mod pls help me explain this case @MajorTom @DarkKnight

Hi Mod,

Same with me. I have 1 trade canceled. No reason.
Buyer: https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:d84608c8-f91b-4e6b-a779-9454bac311bb/alvin-hoang
Order ID: 41598f93-3cc1-4d57-bcc2-67a89fbe3860

yes , Same buyer

Hello lylyboss123, Mr.Egift

I will further investigate this and will let you know.

thks boss , waiting for you

Hi boss , @MajorTom , Any update this case ?

Hello lylyboss123 and Mr.Egift!

In this case, the buyer sent proof from Starbucks and further documentation to prove that the funds that were credited from the Gift Cards bought were reversed.

So In this case, I recommend verifying with your Gift Card provider to guarantee that further funds will not be reversed in users accounts.

God Speed! :trident:

Thks boss for reply , I will verify with my supply again , I am a honest seller at gameflip and always guarantee my code , repalce and refund with no question ask . But sometime got some bad code from another supply , I am so sorry and I will try to do my best .

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