Order under review: Seller

So I am selling my itune gift cards and I left it as auto delivery. So now my order is under review does it mean the buyer already has my itune gift cards code or once the payment is confirm the code will be sent through automatically? I’m just worried that he may use the code and not pay for it. Thank you.

hi there,

when transaction is under review that means gameflip is checking buyers payment method, nothing to worry about, once that review pass you will be notified about " your itune gift card is sold to “name of buyer”" or if buyers payment method is not accepted your listing will be automatically re-listed with same code and someone will buy it again.

Usually review is cause of buying with Paypal or Credit Card, if buyer use wallet transaction is almost instant.
You can get more details CLICK HERE

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Thank you.

Someone just bought one of my listings, and its been under review for 30 minutes. Is that a problem on my end or the buyers end? Im worried something is wrong with my account. Anyone let me know

Hello @Vparks,

If the order is under review, that means that the order was put in review by our anti-fraud system in order to request the buyer for verification before releasing the order.

So in this case, you need to wait for the buyer to receive the verification request and then provide the verification.

This is done to guarantee the safety of our Gameflip users and avoid fraud.

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