Overall fee's (gameflip, payoneer)

I want to share something and have a questions, i am a pure gift card seller (steam gift card)

I sold almost $8000 worth of steam gift card let’s say $100x80 or $50x160

Then once sales completed, let’s involve the fee’s, commission fee’s and digital fee’s
(let’s set aside the subscription plans first)

Commission fee’s 8%
Digital fee’s 2%
A total of 10% fee’s everything you make completed sales

I always make 15% off regardless of denomination about listings

So in $100 steam gift card, it will create a listing of $85 worth
Or in $50 steam gift card, it will create a listing of $42.5 worth

So once $100 steam gift card each sold that worth $85, i’ll be getting $76.5 (included commission and digital fee’s)

While in $50 steam gift card each sold that worth $42.5 worth, i’ll be getting $38.25 (included commission and digital fee’s)

A total of $8000 will turn into $6800 (my 15% off)

Then $6800 will be getting worth $6120 (completed sales) already include commission & digital fee’s

Now on $6120 money in your wallet, let’s do cash out via PAYONEER ($1+1%)

$6120 x 0.01 = (61.2 + $1) a total of $62.2

$6120 - $62.2 = $6057.8

$6057.8 this will be cash out available going to your payoneer

Now in payoneer, every load or every money came there, there’s a $3 deduction of their fee’s

So in $6057.8 - $3 = $6054.8

$6054.8 will be total reflected to your payoneer account balance

Let’s withdraw it on your local bank, which stated in payoneer that there will be 2% fee’s every withdrawal.

So in $6054.8 x 0.02 = $121.096

$6054.8 - $121.096 = $5933.704

So i make $5933.704 overall after sold the $8000 worth steam gift card.

First, i thought once i make listings with 15% off, my $8000 worth steam gc will probably get atleast $6800

I choose 15% because i am a new seller, i am selling below market price, ofcourse i have some other competitor seller, for me able to get some buyer i make 15% off

I am literally burned on those fee’s, i do understand they need to collect fee’s from us for gameflip and payoneer fee’s to continue their company running.

$500-$800 burned/lost because of fee’s

I activated all those subscription plan and already used (used sales cap) gamer, pro club, ultra club

Now i stopped because i don’t want to get ripped by the fee’s so i am waiting for the next billing cycle to start again

So my question is, it is really necessary to deduct a fee after completed sales? then also deduct a fee when you make withdrawal request?

Just sharing, please respect thankyou


so you made $5933.70, how much you paid for that $8k giftcards? you still made profit right?.
I think 10% fee sale is not that bad and lower than 3% for cashouts is good imo.
But 2% + $2 + 3% in the value rate of Bitcoin price… that sucks!

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Yes, to be honest i still getting profit, i bought the $8000 steam gift card with 20-30% less value in it depends on my suppliers, some were doing business here, if there’s a chance to lessen the fees here to maximize their income/profit then better, so i only asking if it really necessary to deduct a fee after completed sales and deduct a fee also when withdrawing

So it’s really better to withdraw a one huge amount than a separate amount

The only thing annoyed me is the Delay after completed sales (6days) overtime will reduce (3days12hours)

The huge fee’s after completed sales and fee’s when withdrawing and fee’s when arrival on payoneer, also fee’s when withdrawing the money to your local bank

Nothing serious here, i am just expressing my thoughts, overall i do love gameflip

Have a prosperous business to everyone here! cheers :slight_smile:

but think about how much would you make without gameflip? you pay for the safety net of doing deals on gameflip plus the customers they bring to you

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I expanded my business elsewhere, via other sites, store etc, i am a bulk buyer of steam gift card and just explored gameflip because i want to attract more customers. again nothing serious here i am just sharing my thoughts about how i annoyed when it comes to fee but overall i do love gameflip :slight_smile:

Perhaps you can share how the fees from selling on Gameflip compared to others? I’m not an active seller, but I’ve heard quite a few complaints from other marketplaces as well.

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Hello @adamnatalie04,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, but processing fees are a percentage-based fee that’s charged along with every payment processed through credit, debit, prepaid cards or Bitcoin.

These fees come from our payment processor with every transaction that happens.

We have, as a company, been eating these costs until now. This will help us to continue to be able to provide users with the best possible marketplace experience and support, as well as give back to the community more often.

To read more about the processing fees, you can visit our FAQ article here: https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/227355287

Now, since this is a Gameflip forum, I would just like to inform you that it is not right to share and provide information on other marketplaces here, ok? Therefore, I have removed your comment.

Have a good day everyone!

God Speed! :trident:

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you guys still using Ingenico as your payment gateway? I know you mentioned that you were but idk if its changed. And does Ingenico not offer payout solutions?