Overpriced games sold instantly - System abuse

There are few accounts today that are selling bunch of popular Steam games. Not every game is heavily overpriced, but all are sold almost instantly. Every game is priced exactly 20 USD.

Is there any promotion that I’m not aware of?

Just check sold items on these accounts:

Even if someone wants to buy Civ 6 or MHW for 20 USD while they’re cheaper everywhere, it is not possible for them to sell instantly. I always have Civ 6 priced 12 USD listed for weeks before it’s sold.

Hey @Pedja_Erakovic,

Could you please provide me your invite code as well, so I can take a further look?

Also, if you have one of the Civ 6 listings that were sold as an example, that would be awesome too :wink:

God Speed! :trident:


Hi, DarkKnight!

Thanks for answering, but this has nothing to do with my listings (I just mentioned Civ 6 because I know how much it usually costs as I have it from time to time and that game is way cheaper at the moment to buy on official stores, so it is just weird to see them selling instantly).

Half of those games you can see on their profile are cheaper at the moment on some official key stores (not to mention other marketplaces), so it is just impossible to sell every listing instantly. This topic is opened just because I noticed something strange that seems very shady so you can look further into it.

By the way, my store link and invite code are is visible on my forum profile (and then on my profile you can search every game and every recent item sold, Civ 6 included).


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I understand @Pedja_Erakovic :wink:

Thanks for the report!

I will take a further look into this to see if I find anything strange happening.

Hope you have an awesome day and stay safe!

God Speed! :trident:

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