Please Gameflip Stuff Speed it up ?

Its been almost 10 days since I disputed my purchase of invalid code for Emeralds PRO. In this time only answer from Gameflip members was “Hey u still facing this problem ?” Even after my prompt answer (like 2 mins after receiving an email) no more hearing from you. I have second disputed purchase aswell alrdy … no answer on that so far … I been requested to VERIFY MY ID … ive been sending you my all ID several TIMES … i dont understasd why u need it again but i SENT it one more time … and again … DAYSSSS .-… Now I tried to withdrawal some money thro PayPal … and it needs fu… approval again ??
Cmon is there anyway how u can assist person to solve all his problems like … in matter 1-3 days ? Not making us wait weeks … "-.-

Not mentioning about increasing amount of scamers making fake posts and not delivering items after purchase is made … RIDICULOUS … .
Would be very nice and helpful… Thank you

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