Question about an order I have

Hey community members/moderators,

I recently sold in-game currency to a buyer and I may have an issue in the future with this buyer.

His order was 49Billion in-game currency and 1M items.

The reason I listed it as 49B and not more is strictly because 49B is the games max cash limit, my concern is that the buyer already had about 30B before I transferred the 49b to him… this means that his cash was wiped by the system because he went over max cash. He still received the remaining 6.8B I had left to deliver him and I’m in the process of delivering the items to him now.

The real question here is if he takes this to disputes and attempts to claim he only received 6.8B coins rather 49B what can I expect to happen? Will his order be force completed anyway? Or how would I go about this. Since I’m on mobile I use the screen record function to tape my deliveries and the video is about an hour long so far which I couldn’t send it to them, but I can screenshot from it and maybe upload it to YouTube if I could figure that out. But please leave your feedback

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@MajorTom @DarkKnight

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Sorry for the re-ping but I need this question to be answered I’m worried once the timer for my order to be delivered runs out that he will attempt to cancel the order. Last time we communicated was 21 hours ago.

Also no need to provide invite code or order number yet. I’m more interested in the information for now, if a problem arises I will include the information.

No issue can delete this post now but I’m still curious on what would happen

Hi Mikesmith1331,

If you have evidence that the buyer has successfully received the item as described in the listing, the transaction would be marked as completed.

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