Refund or Not? Code Works as written on listing details

I sold gift card to buyer which is working on mainsite of that gift market he showed me screenshot he redeemed it.
after he bought he redeemed it and rated me.
When he tried to buy order on that shopping site they said this code purchased from outside of US and can only be use by outsiders.
I mentioned on listing its for mainsite in region restricted. Yes its for main site but not for US people.
After rating me , he want refund,
Now my question is should i refund him? But i given item according to listing which is written on detail on listing thats its use for main site.
I think this is not my fault if that card is bought from outside or inside, but still he said few things i am thinking to refund him other items.
Should i refund him or not? (PS i don’t have soo much money to refund, but still i try to grab money and refund some of money)
He said he sent ticket because i scammed him, but can anyone tell me i scammed him or not?
Terms and Conditions:

I refunded him even though i lost money :frowning:
Now i am feeling relaxed :slight_smile:
But Hope best for future!!!

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That was fair. Cheers.