[RESOLVED] The buyer bought from me a wrong product. App Error.

Hi, a few minutes ago a buyer bought a code for apex legends from me 11,500 coins. After a few minutes he opens a dispute telling me he was wrong to buy it because he thought it was for xbox even if in the product title it is specified that it is for origin that is only on PC. He insists that he searched for xbox and my product came out. I have never tagged the product “xbox” but only “other” specifying that it is for Origin and that it is present only on PC. He sent me a picture from the phone showing that on the gameflip app my product is shown with another title and it is absurd that such a thing happens. I need help @DunnBiscuit. I can’t lose the money and the key because of an app error. Invite Code:6PTCW3
Order ID:b2a19e67-2b6b-42aa-8462-80131e9b9295

This could be some new scam attempt? I looked up your listing on the website and app and it didn’t mention anything about Xbox.

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Could be. Someone else try to scam me on the same product but not this way. I don’t know why the app shows a different title even if the screenshot doesn’t convince me.

The only known bug of the app is regarding the picture of the products for sale. If you scroll through producs fast enough some pictures will load in different products, which has been reported here a few times. I’ve never seen or heard of any bug or difference in product titles.
This indeed has the chance of being a bug in his phone/app, but to me it looks more like a scam attempt.
Also checked your listing and -at least the ones that I can see right now- it shows as Origin, not Xbox.

If it’s not a bug then I don’t know what else to say. The buyer who bought the product is also a seller and has a lot of positive feedback. When I saw the image he sent me I was shocked. I hope the support will answer me ASAP and resolve the situation.


After further checking here I could complete the purchase for you. This is mostly impossible to happen, and the buyer’s screenshot seems to be pretty fake.

Thank you.

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Thank you so much for helping me DunnBiscuit. It seemed strange to me that the app showed a different title than the one it showed on the site. I hope this is also an example for other sellers and not to fall into these scams.

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