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Hi Riot, this is Sanji, I wanted to buy a gift card but found that you have blocked me, is this by mistake? or you did it because we had a problem on the 100$ gift card ?
I’m looking forward to know what is happened so we solve this problem.

Sanji, not sure what is your gameflip username?

Hey Riot GiftCards, I purchased a giftcard from you for amazon, it worked and I was able to buy something, but later amazon took out the remaining money. Can you help me with that?

haseeb_ahmed send me a private message here with your Order ID. If you already have an ongoing ticket with support ('im guessing this is related to a $180 refund) It’s going to be solved soon.

I am new to this, and I can’t seem to find how to send you a private message here. If you can inbox me that would be great! Its related to that refund. My order ID is 5315ba80-9b52-4257-9b5e-b3229d427874