Thanks gameflip for reconsideration of riotgiftcards fraud

Few days back my brother purchased amazon gift card from @riotgiftcards i actually purchased lot from him until that day i trust him

He said we are fraud, and he claims we used the code, however we truely doesn’t use it, however gameflip mistakenly or unfairly decided on seller side, so brother decided to Dispute through bank

After few days he got refunded through bank dispute and this was the email, which confirms the seller is 100% fake

Everyone stay away from riotgift Cards

Stay away from Digicards as well. I lost $83.78 I guess I should dispute it through my bank as well. I have ordered so many gift cards on here with no problem.

Gameflip should put some terms regarding this and let the buyers know how can they protrect themself and how they can collect evidences as a proof

Hey man. A stock upload error or a mistake from the supplier when i sell hundreds of gift cards monthly without any problems and make hundreds of people happy is not fraud, it’s an honest mistake. So why don’t you get on with your life and stop trying to trash a legitimate seller’s name.

If you want to get an apology, you have my apologies. if Gameflip says so it might have been a stock upload error and a card got uploaded twice. This could have happened. I’m not sure what happened then it was a long time ago. Everyone that buys from me knows that i strive to provide the best customer support and that i sell working legitimate gift cards on a daily basis.

But tried several times to convince you, even by sending account details screenshots, etc,

However you refused, i even told why should i dispute for $200 instead of $500, we do bought more than $5000 or more gift cards from you, before you helped resolving, instead that time you assumes that we stolen your gift card, that’s your problem, almost lost money, if didn’t decide to dispute via bank

Also gameflip is too careless, they lost their customer, i never used gameflip to sell after that incident, i would rate gameflip customer service 0 still

Lost lot of times, going to bank replying to Dispute, even talking you providing everything

Mistake can be acceptable but you should check before saying we are theft