Scam Alert - Do not buy Uber/Eats GC from UBERGIFTSUS

I bought 4x $200 Ubereats GC from UBERGIFTSUS in December. All of them got revoked by Uber in the past 2 weeks.

To make matters worse, Uber support is so slow and incompetent that I am unsuccessful in getting them to verify the specific gift card numbers being revoked. All they can give me is a generic response “gift card numbers are invalid, therefore funds are deducted from your account”.

Gameflip support has also been very slow to respond and so far unwilling to get my money back from this seller.

I tried contacting the seller and of course they ignored me.

If you bought from this seller in the past couple months, check your Uber Wallet to see if your money is gone. The only way to see details is to use the app. Even that, you don’t get to see the GC numbers. So you may be screwed as I am…

Contacting BBB and my credit card company would be my next steps. But I really hope Gameflip will come through in this case, especially if more people report this seller.

Update - GameFlip really watches these forum posts. They just cancelled those transactions and refunded me! They also deleted this scammer. Yay! Thank you so much, Gameflip. My faith in this platform is restored and I will continue to shop here.

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Hello @Shop1!

I’m glad that your issue was solved.

We do keep an eye out and these types of cases takes time to evaluate, since further information needs to be requested from both sides.

Keep in mind that we are always working hard to resolve the issues we receive as soon as possible.

Also, if at anytime you have a question, feel free to ask inside the ticket or here in the forum, as we will be glad to help you out :wink:

Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident: