Seller giving a negative feedback

@Sparkling_Juice . A buyer bought a gift card from me about 10 days ago. He came back to me saying I redeemed his card that I must refund him or he will report me for fraud. I checked the balance and found balance intact still and still told him I didn’t use his card and will never use a card I sold I’m an honest trader to the core and I don’t joke with my honesty and loyalty . how would I redeem his card after I sold to him already? And told him to check and confirm he went silent then I checked my reputation because I always check on all my buyers to make sure I provide quality service always then I found he gave a negative feedback to me saying I used card after I sold. Of which he finished using the card 2 days ago. Please what do I do?

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If your question is how to get the Rating removed (Depends, it’s not 100%), Contact Support. Request to remove Ratings go through Support.
You can explain that to support with evidence. Nothing I can do or check , I’m just a normal buyer/seller like you.