Seller ignored me after my purchase.

So his info says responds in 10 mins if offline usually…
well look at screen shots with my phone and times and i sent 7 … msg…

That one has the purchase # with the seller.
I did submit a ticket with screen shots no word back from gameflip or all gift card us

Dude he doesn’t even have online in his profile, you can’t rush someone that is clearly not there. If you are in a rush when buying from someone offline you should comment on the post asking when he would be able to give you the code, when it isn’t auto delivery. He shouldn’t have the 10 minute reply time in his post because that obviously ins’t realistic. But the online and offline system is there for a reason, i’m not sure why he would ignore you for no reason. You really have to be more patient and there is no need to make a post about it someone not replying.

I think you totally missed the point. so i’ll explain it this once.
He had re-posted several GC (A LOT) and didn’t reply to me once. i don’t give 2 Shez if hes offline. that is done on purpose. The point being is he did that and didn’t respond to me at all.

Well you don’t know how his api listings are set up, or if the posts just got comments and that’s why they showed a recent time. It’s hard to tell from your screenshots, since you only show the time included with 2 of the screenshots. You also didn’t make that clear anywhere in your post, that he was posting the whole time. If the screenshots were meant to show that, that isn’t clear in the screenshots giving as you only put the time in 2 as i said before. But i’ll leave you to it because you’re clearly upset, have a good day.

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First, it’s not hard to tell from his post what happened. I think he has a right to be upset (with you if not the situation) as you 1. aren’t Gameflip staff, 2. weren’t helpful at all, and 3. replying without even understanding the issue it seems. You are right it’s probably best you leave him to it if you can’t pick up on that and are just going to trivialize his post.

The seller says he’ll respond much more quickly in his profile/‘listing rules’ though. It says 10 minutes and fast delivery all over. Either way he hasn’t even replied in 10 hours much less 10 minutes so it’s weird you are defending such a poor and misleading practice. Why do people on this forum defend such a poor quality of sellers over and over? I’m also sure whenever this seller finally does get online he’s going to be rushing the buyer to redeem and rate ASAP. Experiences like this are why I often go to other sites and pay more for codes because they will stick by time frames.

This is also why all buyers should stay away from sketchy Gift Card sellers that have a list of rules like this one does and don’t use auto delivery. If you want sketchy, black market codes that require 5 minute redemption just buy them cheaper elsewhere and skip the middleman who can’t do his job quickly or efficiently.


He does has the right to be upset. I only said i could tell that he was, so i won’t press on with the matter. As i said in the first comment, he shouldn’t have the 10 minute delivery when it obviously isn’t realistic. But the way he messaged him so many times within the first hour of the purchase, saying things like “you must be very busy” That was within an hour or 2 not 10. As well as making a post within hours. As a seller no one wants to come back to messages like that, he is a person too and probably has things going on. If he had his profile ONLINE in the case i would understand why you would feel the right to rush him so much. In terms of you saying i don’t understand the situation, most buyers don’t understand how api listings work. Which is probably what happened in this case of the posts being made after. I’m not trying to be a staff member or trivialize his post as i don’t have any power to do anything, simply giving my opinion as you just did. If he went about it in a better manner with the seller i wouldn’t defend him, but it seems all a bit much for someone not replying and i felt he did need a little defending.

That’s fair. Good to see it from both sides and have the input about API. However, this seller actually requests in the listing for you to message him if he’s offline so I don’t feel the buyer is really rushing him too much. The buyer reached out once as requested then over an hour later he provided updates probably assuming the seller would be online soon before finally growing impatient. This seller requires immediate redemption/“payment release” so the buyer must be online at the time and is forced to wait around wasting 2-3 hours of the buyers day. He’s luring in buyers with a promise of fast 5-10 minute delivery that he doesn’t offer. I don’t think the seller should be banned or anything, but he deserves a poor/neutral rating and I think he should update his profile with some realistic time frames or expect this to continue happening.

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They are hackers. I don’t know how many times I said it in the forum and people still complain about getting bad codes from them. Gameflip hasn’t done anything and they can walk away with thousands every day

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Not that upset just that he’s a jerk for this and reading his reviews hes done this before to others. Almost new years!!! Have fun be safe. (Everyone)

I can confirm that that particular seller is trash! He never sends codes on time. He also posts auto delivery codes and when you get them it shows emojis in the code box because he doesn’t want people reselling his codes. He’s selling codes that he bought with stolen credit cards and after a day or 2 the cards are revoked from your amazon account if you don’t use them immediately. That’s why he posts “use codes immediately” because they’re purchased with someone’s stolen information. I’ve reported him several times for posting auto delivery and not setting it up properly. Really seems as if Gameflip doesn’t care honestly

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