This guy is forcing ppl to rate in 15 minutes.

This is even legal here?

Well To be Fair You did Make him wait and he was simply Responding Maybe He just Wanted quick Sales Like Use the Code happy Accept and rate type of people It seems you didn’t reply back to him after a Really Long Time ;/ If you were busy I could Understand from your View Yeah However If you weren’t Busy Maybe Work on Making some time for These things :slight_smile: I personal Not a Fan of Time wasters it does take Quite abit of time for the money to come through on gift cards.

You Could have easily Replied back saying something Instead you make him wait hella Long time As you were on the messages and didn’t say a word :zipper_mouth_face: Or im reading Wrong.

Im not always looking gf, sometimes i stock some cards for my clients and then i keep on working, gf have 3 days to rate, and i count on it…where i sell my products we have to wait seven days =) no questions ask